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Artistic Approach

Photography is an ongoing gift in my life.  It is both a rich resource for exploring the infinite manifestations of light, and a metaphor for life itself– a delicate balance between the momentary and eternal.  It is a frozen moment on the one hand, a statement about what transcends the moment on the other.   

Thus, photography can be a window onto the world and into one's inner self.  As such, it has been for me both a craft and art; and a vehicle for spiritual growth and expression.  I have come to understand that I cannot ‘see' on the outside what I am not in touch with on the inside.  Similarly, when I really see on the outside, there is greater clarity to my inner eye, my heart is moved, and I become one with the object. 

My goal as an artist is to create images that capture what I see when I see in this way, such that the viewer may be similarly moved.   

I seek simplicity in my images, striving to create a distilled essence that enables an experience of resonance in the viewer.  I want to transport the viewer into, at times, a peaceful place, and at other times, a place that is at first unfamiliar, and then recognizable – with the confusion of chaos yielding to the excitement of discovery of underlying order.   

I am rarely far from a camera, hoping to record the fleeting image that eludes capture if my camera is not close at hand.  Often, as I go about my day, unusual lighting or the interplay of color, which makes the familiar and mundane more dramatic, calls my attention, draws me in, and invites me to see the ordinary in a new way. 

In this way, each new day, each new moment is a gift. I take special pleasure in seeking to capture the beauty and whimsy about us as revealed by light – whether found in the grand scale or intricacies of nature; or in the mundane and ordinary. 

While each viewer's experience and perspectives are unique, my aim is to tap into what is universal.  My delight is to be in service by sharing these gifts photography provides us. 

Dennis M. Gilbert