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Natue and art photography has been my passion for over four decades, with roots as an amateur artist in black and white film photography.  Little did I know when I wrapped up my career as a computer scientist and web designer, and took up the mantle of professional photographer in 1999,  that I would be back to the computer, this time creating digital art. 

While my film camera had been a good friend in the earlier days and an important portion of  my body of work remains film-originated images, I find my digital SLR camera provides a greater degree of flexibilty, freedom, and processing control than was previously available.  Luckily, I'm able to keep my hands in a dark room through classes I teach at the Columbia Art Center in the 'new town' of Columbia, Maryland, where I live. 

Mainly, I shoot with a CAnon DSLR and use Adobe Photoshop(TM) to enhance photos, and produce digital art.

I specialize in flora, fauna, landscapes and seascapes; and the play of light on natural and inanimate subjects.  For the latter, I find the most interesting subjects right in my home, lit or backlit by sunlight streaming through a window.  For the former, I have photographed extensively in the Outer Banks, DelMarVa beaches, and other East and Atlantic coast regions, including Baltimore City and Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, and the Shenandoah Valley area in Virginia.  Having lived in the 'new town' of Columbia, Maryland for over 30 years, I have many images of its parks, lakes, ponds, statues, and sculptures - the most iconic being the 'People Tree,' located in the Lakefront area.   

I have sold and exhibited at several galleries in the Outer Banks; the Columbia Association's Visitor's Center; juried craft shows in Maryland; and the Columbia Art Center (where I also  teach digital art using Photoshop Elements).

I've also had shows at Borders Book Store, Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts, and Brookside Gardens in Maryland to name a few.  This summer I was invited to exhibit with other juried artists at Columia's ... annual Art Park.  My images were used in marketing pieces for the Art Park and the cover of Columbia Art Center's fall schedule.  I also have had images in and been the featured artist for Meridians magazine, and a Mc Graw Hill text book.   

Although my art was and is influenced by the presence of many forces in my life, a few stand out as particularly impactful.  Raised in the Bronx, I was eventually drawn to the 'new town' of Columbia, planned by the visionary Jim Rouse, who valued diversity and the importance of community, neighborhoods, and citizen involvement.  With many others I championed the end of the Viet Nam War.  In the 70's, by then married and with two children, I helped seed Free Men, which eventually became a national organization in support of men's rights???????. 

For many years I have championed and been a volunteer mediator for an organization that promotes restorative dialogue, and negotiation and resolution as an alternative to conflict and potential violence.  I also have been involved with the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Columbia - yes, that's meditation and not the mediation of which I just wrote. 

I am married to acupuncturist and business partner, Hope Finn Gilbert.  Together we do our best to live holistically, tend to our cats, and foster the growth of ourselves, our five adult children (and spouses) and 13 grandchildren.  Our home sits in the woods and overlooks the Middle Patuxent River - both a source of great inspiration as well as neat images to capture.  

Dennis M. Gilbert